It has had been an intense cold night out here.The coldness has penetrated into my skin to bones and has reached my heart.My hands are shaking ,and so is my heart.Then,I remembered you and the feelings that you brought along.Ripples of memories came flashing before my eyes.
Of an early January night and laughter ,friendship and a dinner.Of a faux fireplace and selfies with you sitting across the table.Of a breezy windy ride  on my way back home that night.The wish I had to ride with you in your black motorcycle the whole night long.The smell of musk and black jacket and my freezing hands inside the pockets of your jacket.Your warm hands as warm as your heart.Of happiness that you gave and hope that shone unto me.Of kindness in your words and light in your eyes that shines bright even in the darkest of the night.

It has had been an intense cold night tonight.My hands are cold but my heart is warm.I do not know what the future holds for us.All that I am convinced of is that I miss you .I hope we will meet again soon.Whatever the future holds for us,I am clueless.All I am doing is trust in God for all.So,until then,I will keep missing you.xoxo


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